8 Best Beard Straighteners in 2022

best beard straighteners

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Gone were the days when men looked like Viking warriors with matted beards. These days, using a beard straightener keeps the beard properly groomed, tidy and could make you stand out in the crowd. Bearing in mind that many do not know the best beard straighteners in the market, we’ve put together this list to help you make the right choice when shopping for one.    

A beard straightening brush is specially designed for facial hair to avoid damaging the beard’s fragile curls most safely and conveniently. A beard straightening brush is the perfect beard grooming companion for any man; it is a temperature-controlled heated brush to avoid damaging the beard and burning the face. Unlike using a regular hot comb, a beard brush adjusts to all the right temperatures, all below 400ºF for safe grooming.

Types of Beard Straighteners

In general, there are two significant types of beard straighteners, combs, and brushes. Combs and much smaller, with teeth that are tightly packed atop the heating plate or rod. On the other hand, brushes are made of more extended hands and brittles for a more profound straightening experience.

Straightening brushes and combs perform almost the same function. However, brushes allow you to have a better grip on the direction of strokes and the power of the brush.

When it comes to beard brushes, there are two types, the hair drying brushes, and heated thermal brushes. Hair drying brushes are a bit like hairdryers and generate hot hair when in use as a diffuser attachment. Heated brushes, on the other hand, use an internal heating element that heats the bristles of the brush.  Some standard terms associated with beard straighteners and dryers.

  • Ionic – If we recall vividly from chemistry class, water is made up of positively charged ions. Beard straighteners with ionic generators create negative ions, thereby replacing the ones already stripped off through toweling or rubbing, thus bringing back balance to the beard.
  • Ceramic – These are often beard straightening plates that are entirely ceramic. This ceramic place is surrounded by a hard aplastic bristle, which in turn makes them anti-scald and safe for the skin. The heat –resistant panel of ceramic clad straighteners protects your skin from burning. 
  • Porcelain – Porcelain technology is vital for quick heat-up of the heating elements /plates. The faster the heat up, the smoother the beard.

What To Look For in a Beard Straightener?

Not every beard straightener in the market is for you. Just like every other grooming products, there are certain factors to consider when shopping for one.  These will go a considerable way to guarantee its safety of use and how long it may last. Let’s take a look at some of these.

  • Size – an appropriately sized straightener helps in ease of use, versatility, and better Adaptivity. A flat straightener of moderate weight is more adaptable than a bulky type.
  • Type – as stated above, brushes come in various types’ ionic, ceramics, porcelain technology. Aside from their multiple functionalities, the common factor is their temperature output, and this determines what type to choose. 
  • Safety – straightening brushes generate heat. Temperature control cuts across both on the ear and in terms of skin contact with whatever product you’re using.

How To Use a Beard Straightener

1. Wash your beard
The first step to an appropriate beard straightening is to wash with a beard soap or beard shampoo and clean off all dirt and oils residual on the beard.

2. Ensure the beard is dry
If the beard is wet or damp, the chances are that it would be porous. A beard that isn’t dry will get heat up quickly, and instead of the brush to straighten appropriately, it would cook the hair by singling the hair cuticle.

3. Condition the beard
Products such as beard oil, beard butter, and beard balm are essential for the perfect beard grooming.

4. Create tension
Beyond the hair cuticles is a layer of hydrogen bonds, these bonds are responsible for the shape of the hair either curly or straight. Gentle application of heat and combing reshapes these bonds and the nose.

5. Comb in the appropriate direction
Brushing slowly downwards keeps the hair guarantees a frizz-free straightening.

6. Maintenance
to preserve and protect the process, apply some beard oil or balm while styling the beard.

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The 8 Best Beard Straighteners of 2022

1. Cayzor Beard Straightener Comb


  • 5 adjustable temperature settings including 210/250/280/320/360℉
  • Ceramic coated PTC straightening element
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Ergonomic portable design for easy handling

Cayzor is a beard brush brand with a unique straightening technology that has ‘wowed’ many for a while now. This professional-grade beard brush suits a wide range of hair textures ranging from the wild beard, curvy beard, short beard to long beard. It comes with a very reliable and convenient adjustable temperature ranges to suit all straightening needs. This men’s beard straightener set includes 1 beard straightener, 1 Instruction manual, 1 Carrying pouch, 1 Silicone coat Black.

As an edge over most straightening brushes in the market, it is fitted with an advanced PTC heating element ranging from 210 to 360-degree Fahrenheit that ensures even and consistent heating throughout the process.

To provide the best results, the 2-in-1 beard straightener and comb unit comes with an excellent selection of hard plastic brittles, safety materials equipped with Anti-scald & Safety Shut-off Features and with the best ergonomics design. Also, the LCD screen makes it easier to read the temperature and adjust it accordingly.



2. Arkam Beard Straightener


  • SST single stroke technology
  • Advanced ion technology
  • Ceramics plate
  • 110 to 240V variable voltage range
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Three tools in one

Whether it’s a gift to a special man or for personal use, Arkam beards straightener is a fantastic choice for anyone who fancies a well-groomed beard and mustache. It comes along with a stealth pocket comb, which you can take anywhere you want and use it to touch up your beard. 

This product features an advanced brush heating technology made of durable ceramics plates, thus offering users a safe grooming experience. It combines three tools in one to provide excellent smoothening of the beards. Thanks to its long 360-degrees swivel power cord, it allows for better flexibility and movement when in use.

The single stroke technology translates to shorter straightening periods as the brush efficiently straightens the hair in just one stroke. For a grooming brush this efficient in saving time, it surprisingly cost-effective and thus the right choice for grooming. According to the manufacturers, Arkam was created to give men back the one thing we can never get back… TIME.



3. Beardclass Premium Beard Straightener


  • Anti-scald technology
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • 150ºC – 210ºC adjustable temperature
  • Closer and shorter bristles
  • Ceramic coated bristles

Beardclass premium is one comb that would leave you feeling tidied up and with lead headaches, unlike regular combs. Unlike most beard combs, the Beardclass electric straightener consists of tightly packed short bristles that can work all types of beards. Additionally, it operates at variable temperatures ranging from 150ºC to 210ºC, making it efficient for all grooming forms.

For men who ensure compact and portable designs, this beard straightener is incredibly lightweight and can easily fit into your luggage when traveling. This comb can also heat up in as quickly as 40 seconds thanks to its ceramics coated heating elements. Lastly, the long 350 degrees swivel power cord ensures maximum flexibly when in use.



4. Tame Easy-Glide Beard Straightening Brush


  • Three different temperature settings, Low, Med, and hot with temps of 300°F 350° 410°F
  • Insulated handle and anti-scalding teeth that keep the heat inside the tines and not on the tips
  • Safety locking and 30 min unattended shutoff features
  • Double-sided comb for even oil distribution
  • Less than 60 seconds heating capacity

Tame’s easy-glide beard straightening brush is handy for managing short lengths of beards. The brush features short bristles compared to other straighteners from previous models. The comb comes Along with a double-sided wood comb to efficiently loosen matter hair and knots in preparation for the straightening. For user assurance, this hot brush comes with an unparalleled one year warranty, but then again, it’s a beautiful piece, so there’s no need to return it.

To add to the list of its good ticks, the Tame’s smooth glide comes with advanced temperature control and skin-protecting anti-scald design to avoid roasting the jawline’s tender skin. How is this applied? The handle and the bristle tips stay cool while the heat from below the brush bristles straightens your beard. It also comes with a safety locking mechanism when left unattended for about 30 minutes. In a nutshell, the heated beard comb is incredibly lightweight, ergonomically designed, and durable.



5. Aberlite Pocket - Compact Beard Straightener


  • Unique PTC heating technology
  • Auto safety shutoff system
  • 440-degrees ºF maximum temperature
  • 360-degrees swivel cord
  • Five temperature modes

With state of the art, PTC heating technology and alert auto safety shutoff system enable uniform distribution of heat so that the whole beard is adequately styled, and there are no hot spots formed.

The Aberlite Pocket is not only one of the most efficient beard straighteners on the list but also the most travel-friendly. Just as the name suggests, the Aberlite pocket is specifically designed as a travel beard straightening brush to enable men who are always on the move to keep their style in check while on trips.

In terms of functionality, the straightener works with five variable temperature settings. It can heat up to 440 ºF.  Because of this, and the unit brings about uniform and consistent heating that enhances the grooming process. 

In terms of style, the beard straightener is ergonomically designed to enhance grip and features a long power cord for easy maneuvering. Also, it uses advanced ionic conditioning plus anti-static coating to offer a simple glide and long-lasting results.

The portability and secure auto-shutoff system contribute significantly to both its high customer demand and excellent safety features.



6. Dolirox Beard Straightener


  • 60 seconds heat-up time
  • Ergonomic sleek design
  • 360- degrees swivel power cord
  • Multifunctional hair styler
  • 110V to 240V voltage output

This dual usage straightening brush can serve for the beard as well as the styling of hair. The Dolirox Beard Straightener comes along with a premium one fl oz natural and organic beard balm as one of its few accessories to help trap moisture and nourish the beard with all necessary essential vitamins and minerals needed to keep the beard healthy. Also, this fosters deep conditioning and helps your beard and mustache grow faster and look thicker.

It’s quick heating abilities get it hot and ready to use in less than 60 seconds. It quickly straightens and flattens the beard uniformly for smooth texturing able to straighten even large volumes of hair, all the while leaving you with no hot spots or scalding issues. Negative ionic technology provides better results.

In addition to its remarkable features, it is a flexible unit thanks to the swivel power cord. You will find it elementary to use thanks to the ergonomic design. The heated beard combs for men allows beard and hair to be hydrated and smoothed, preventing heat damage and ensuring a healthy, polished look. MCH technology ensures even heat distribution and prevents hair damage. The universal voltage system makes it convenient to use no matter where you are.



7. INVJOY Beard Straightener


  • Advanced Ionic Heat Technology
  • Cordless hair straightener brush
  • Temperature control and auto-off
  • High-temperature resistance material to avoid melting

Invjoy premium brushes are straightening brushes explicitly designed for facial hair. If you wish to give your beard a new touch with a safe, efficient brush, then Invjoy is the right choice for you.

It is a got to safety facial grooming kit with special care to safety control bothering on temperature ranges. For this particular product, its mild temperature ranges place it right in the middle as a unisex brush. Hence, it can be used by both men and women; however, we’re concentrating on beards and men for now. Unlike most beard straighteners, it is cordless, making it easy to carry around and travel with.

Feature-wise, the Invjoy straightening brush comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that could last long for use, a grooming kit that consists of a trimmer and an ionic heating system.

With its premium heating features, it can easily glide through the beard and iron out tangles in seconds. In addition to its top-notch heating system, it has an LED indicator that quickly adjusts to the desired temperature and indicates charging. When not in use, the brush is designed to shut down in 30 minutes.



8. KUSCHELBÄR Heated Beard Straightener Brush


  • Dual voltage 110V (united states) and 220V (Europe)
  • Negative ion technology
  • Revolutionary heat barrier comb design
  • 45W power consumption
  • 190ºC (375ºF) temperature control limit
  • Dimensions: 12 x 1.2 x 1.7 inches
  • Weight: 15 ounces

This expensive grooming tool was designed by New York celebrity hairstylist Jeff Chastain. It is an exquisite straightening brush known as the first men’s beard straightener designed to exclusively soften and smoothen beard and hair for a soft, smooth finish. It combines a functional brush set with safety power ranges.

Kuschelbär is the prized jewel of ionic technology with a seal in moisture mechanism that seals moisture into beard, thus reducing frizz and flyaway. The unique heat barriers act as a shield against your skin, protecting you from burns and hair damage. Without much ado, this is undeniably the prized jewel on the list. Its unique bristles are designed for racing through hair strands. It a must-have for use anywhere at home or on trips.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do Beard Straighteners Work?

Yes, for most of it, beard straighteners work and are useful for people struggling with a curly, coarse, or frizzy-looking beard. It is no doubt that heat that a softening effect on hair and beard straighteners applies this same mechanism as well.

Does a Beard Straightener Replace My Other Grooming Tools and Products?

No, beard straighteners do not replace your regular grooming products such as beard oil, beard balm, or beard butter. These products enrich the beard and leave it feeling soft and healthy.

Beard straighteners, on the other hand, should always be used together with suitable grooming products. However, be sure to wash and clean the beard off any water before using a beard straightener.

How Do I Stop My Beard From Curling?

Using a wide-tooth beard comb is the best way to keep the beard from curling. A boar bristle brush will tame the frizz, without ripping out your facial hair or irritating the skin. It is imperative to note that plastic combs aren’t the best choice for beards because they are prone to damaging beards.

Secondly, you can stop your beard from curling by using particular curl resistant oils and balms to help keep the straightened beard smooth and straight for a more extended period.

Does Brushing My Beard Help It Grow?

Just as brushing exfoliates the skin, removes dead cells, and helps in the distribution of natural oils across the board. Brushing the beard moisturizes, stimulates blood flow, and improves the texture of the beard. Beards are usually very patchy and tangle in areas where they aren’t frequently brushed.

How Should I Brush My Beard?

The beard is often the trickiest hair to brush. But to be on the right track, start at your neck and brush upwards and outwards. Continue the process, all the while combing up your cheeks. Combing upward ensures that the beard looks fuller and healthier, all the while separating the hairs.

How Often Should I Brush My Beard?

There are no laid out rules for brushing the beard. Once a day is enough. However, you could repeat the process 3-5 times, and this will not cause any damage to the beard. However, avoid brushing the beard more than 5 times in a day.

Final Thoughts!

Maintaining a healthy-looking beard goes beyond the use of grooming products and trimmers. Giving the beard a healthy dose of brush daily leaves it looking healthy. However, getting the right beard straightener is good as keeping the beard beautiful. So with that, we hope this list will help you determine the right choice when you go shopping.

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