About Us

Established in 2012, NeshNYC is your one stop source for all things fashion. We strive to disseminate relevant global information, so you can make the correct fashion decisions for yourself. We follow up to the minute trends in the world of fashion, so that you’re able to express yourself in style.

We are serious about how you should style yourself. We follow top brands and their latest offerings so that you know what’s available, right when it’s out there. Our insightful information guides are the result of extensive research and analysis by our team of experienced fashion experts.

We provide you streamlined access to a world of bold, best in class, fashion brands. You’ve worked hard, have a social standing, and a unique sense of fashion, so you deserve to adorn yourself with quality and design that are in line with your personality.

From basic luxury to ultra-high-end luxury brands, be it for clothes, bags, shoes, watches, and other accessories, we’ve got you covered. Making your statement just got easier through us.

We are not only a global community of premium and luxury fashion and lifestyle products, but also emerging and visionary fashion brands from all over the world. We at NeshNYC offer an inspirational shopping experience to fashion-forward consumers globally.

In this fast paced world, all major brands are constantly innovating as technology advances. The world of fashion is not behind. We understand that you need to know how technology and innovative craftsmanship is being incorporated within the brands you purchase. You get in depth information about design and manufacturing features of products like luxury watches, pens, mobile phones, jewelry, and other fashion items with relevance to current times. 

Style is personal, yet ever evolving. It’s about the statement you want to make. That’s why, our motto is, “express yourself in style!”