The 8 Best Beard Butters in 2022

Best Beard Butter

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Growing beards is not just limited to the act of growing and trimming one. To the savvy beard sporter, styling your fuzz should never be left out of the equation. True manliness knows the importance of style and polish, and any beard that is left untamed, much like any guy that lacks tact and savoir-faire, is a recipe for disaster.

Fret not for beard butter is but one ingenious concoction you can use to avert any potential beard bust. They keep your beard feeling and smelling fresh, too. What more could you possibly ask for your precious mutton chops? And who knew butter can do such wonders for beards?

Want to learn more about this fascinating product and find out the best beard butters in 2022? Then do take the time to read our guide.

Beard butter usually takes the form of mixes of different oils, with most products looking like lotion that you can easily apply to your beard to style it. That said, beard butter is not like hair gel. It doesn’t harden.

Beard butter is largely concerned with styling and moisturizing purposes. It can even be said that beard butter is the most versatile product of them all, being able to impart a few of the benefits of both beard oil and beard balm.

Furthermore, certain beard butter brands also do not skimp on the fragrance aspect of their products, so you can certainly expect olfactory-pleasing perks from them as well. It is easier to apply as well, especially when compared to beard oil/wax.

The Myriad Ingredients of Beard Butter

The most commonly used are shea butter and cocoa butter, but coconut butter is not an uncommon component as well. These different kinds of butter give beard butters the thicker texture that makes them stand out from their counterparts.

That said, you can come across a couple of beard butter recipes online, too, that call for ingredients like certain carrier oils, essential oils, and beeswax. These can also be found in a lot of products available nowadays, besides a range of other oils argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, seed, oil, peppermint oil, and castor oil.

These varieties of oil usually lend a unique scent to your beard. Do take note that manufacturers continue to push the limits of what scents they can incorporate in their beard butter as you’ll see in the best beard butters we have reviewed here.

Incidentally, there is a preference for beard butters that use organic ingredients, much like most cosmetic products nowadays. These lessen the likelihood of having an adverse, allergic reaction to the beard butter once it has been applied, after all.

The Top Benefits of Beard Butter

Opens up plenty of opportunities for styling your beard

No other type of beard maintenance products can pull off the stylish and healthy-looking beards men can sport than beard butter and beard balm. The strength of the beard butter often determines how many styles you can achieve because it helps to hold the desired shape together.

Gives your beard the same feeling as having hair conditioner all day long

Ever felt the difference a conditioner makes to your hair? Imagine getting that refreshing and manageable feeling for your beard. Plenty of beard butter brands can guarantee this with the right mix of high-quality, organic ingredients.

Protects your beard and skin from dandruff and itching

Thick or not, beards can get dandruff (aka beardruff), too, and beard balms are just one of the potent tools at your arsenal to address them once and for all. The same goes for the itching you might feel due to a poorly managed beard or the ones that arise after a beard dye mishap. 

Allows your beard to smell fresh and feel healthier and more vibrant

Due to the inclusion of aromatic oils in certain beard butters, these mixes can also do well to keep any unwanted odor from developing on your beard. Key ingredients also directly contribute to giving it an attractive shine and feel softer and healthier, besides appearing so. 

It’s great for your skin, too

This applies particularly to the part of your skin where beard growth is most prominent. If your beard is already becoming sizably frizzy and voluminous, dirt and dust can get trapped in them causing irritation to the skin and leads to blocked pores as well. It also won’t be surprising for most beard butters to lend to skin moisturizing effect that just keeps you feeling cool and confident with your natural beard. 

Step-By-Step Guide to Applying Beard Butter

If you don’t want to end up with a butyraceous mess of a beard, pay attention. OK, we admit that seems too much unnecessary finger-wagging. The worst that you probably have to put up with is you end up running short of butter quickly because you’re using too much of it.

Applying beard butter is a walk in the park compared to other beard products, as long as you keep in mind a few conditions for its proper application. It also won’t hurt to get a few things ready prior to applying it. You can, for instance, keep doing these prerequisite steps every time you apply beard butter:

  • It’s recommended to keep your beard damp before applying – neither wet nor dry, it should just hover in between. Yes, dry beards still get the green light, but if you want to make the most of your premium beard butter then damp is always the way to go. 
  • Keep a clean beard comb available on hand, so you’ll always be able to manage and style it easily.

Now, let’s get down to the steps

  1. One recommended way to scrape the butter from its container is to you use the back of your thumbnail. Position it on the butter and perform a downward scraping motion until you get a good amount – just a tiny dollop will do even for most beards on the thick side.

    However, the rule of thumb is the bigger or bushier the beard, the more you should apply. The same rings true for those that want to achieve a certain style that requires more beard butter.

  2. Afterward, get the lump of butter on your fingers and start spreading it by rubbing your hand together. Now, you’re ready to apply it to your beard.

  3.  Do it by gently wiping your butter-laced fingers (or is “butterfingers” a better term?) on your fuzz. Make sure you apply it to all portions of your beard as evenly as possible. If you have a mustache, do not forget dabbing the butter on it as well. Continue to do this until there’s only just minimal traces of butter on your fingers and you’re sure that it has been evenly applied.

  4. Once this is done, use the beard comb to ensure that the butter is evenly distributed further and so that it will reach the beard root and skin as well. You can use downward and upward combing motions to achieve this.

  5. Finally, you can now start shaping and styling your beard however you want by using both your hands and the comb. The shaping capability of every beard butter varies and depends on its strength.

  6. And, you’re done! Don’t forget to wash your hand with soap and water to remove the excess butter that undoubtedly got left behind!

Here are the 8 best beard butters that you can choose from, along with their reviews.

Comparison Table






Scent: Sandalwood blended with vanilla

Sandalwood blended with vanilla

Size: 4 Oz. (114 g)

4 Oz. (114 g)


Scent: Citrus


Size: 4 Oz. (113 g)

4 Oz. (113 g)


Scent: Grapefruit, black pepper and bergamot notes

Grapefruit, black pepper and bergamot notes

Size: 8 Oz. (226.8 g)

8 Oz. (226.8 g)


Scent: Mango and lime

Mango and lime

Size: 4 Oz. (114 g)

4 Oz. (114 g)


Scent: Cigar and vanilla

Cigar and vanilla

Size: 4 Oz. (114 g)

4 Oz. (114 g)


Scent: Original scent

Original scent

Size: 2 Oz. (59.41 ml)

2 Oz. (59.41 ml)


Scent: Unscented


Size: 4 Oz. (114 g)

4 Oz. (114 g)


Scent: Warm Tobacco Pipe

Warm Tobacco Pipe

Size: 2.5 Oz. (71 g)

2.5 Oz. (71 g)

The 8 Best Beard Butters of 2022

1. Live Bearded - The Legend Beard Butter


  • Made of 100% all-natural ingredients
  • Sandalwood and vanilla scent
  • Light to medium hold
  • Ingredients include shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, grape-seed oil, almond oil, and various essential oils

It takes a considerable amount of bravado to label an item as “The Legend”. It immediately raises the bar of anyone that has the opportunity to come across it and purchase it. Also, it promptly warrants the question, “Does it live up to the name?”. Well, the short answer is a resounding “Yes”. This is why we can’t help but admire this particular butter, so much so that we specifically chose it to lead this list.

It’s just way too much of a complete package to be considered as anything less than a superb beard butter. It has a way of softening even old, aging and graying hair. Its vanilla and sandalwood scent can almost be considered as cheating because who doesn’t like the scent of any of these two? The aroma just becomes more pleasant over time, and that’s a pretty hard butter beard scent capability to top.

The number of pros we listed for this product should tell you enough that this butter beard brand is well worth your hard-earned dough.



2. Beard Guyz Beard Butter with Grotein


  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Tangy citrus scent
  • Contains a brand original component called Grotein, which aids in nourishing beard hair

We are not entirely sure what the “Grotein” component contains but we attribute it with the stellar moisturizing and nourishing effect of this beard butter. Beard Guyz holds back in revealing the exact ingredients of their formula but we do trust their all-natural ingredients statement because of the exceptional effects of their butter.

Any fan of citrus scents will love this, albeit it’s a little on the light side – close to being unscented (which is an upside for those who don’t want overpowering scents in their beard butter). It may not have much hold, but for the way it performs in other aspects, this product is a steal for the price.



3. Maestro's Classic Beard Butter - Mark of a Man Blend


  • Water-soluble hydrating creme
  • Bergamot and grapefruit scent with hint of black pepper
  • Lightweight consistency and nongreasy

Mark of a Man. That blatantly masculine title definitely upped our ante when appraising this formula. Does it live up to the name? Well, if it continues to be Amazon’s Choice, it’s bound to, right? Many men (and their respective partners) have fallen in love with this formula, specifically due to the bergamot fragrance, which gives it that tangy-spicy mix. It is only accentuated further by the grapefruit scent.

Water-based butter beard is known for its great texture, too, and this clearly shows in this formula. As a whole, this can be any man’s go-to beard butter, assuming you don’t mind using a product that does not use all-natural ingredients. The very affordable price only proves this point further.



4. Detroit Grooming Co. Leland Beard Butter with Mango Lime Scent


  • Made primarily of coconut oil and shea butter
  • Mango-lime scent

This is one of the more “complete” beard butters in this list. Complete in the sense that it pretty much ticks all checkboxes of what you can expect from a well-rounded beard butter. That said, you can’t expect it to be above average in all of them.

The scent, though, deserves plenty of praise because of the nice mixture of fruity and woodsy smells it has going. Any man who wants a sweet-smelling beard should try this out. Trust us – the ladies like it very much, too!

Of course, it doesn’t stop there because it also brings a lot to the table in terms of conditioning and styling your beard. This deserves the “complete” label through and through, and for that, it’s well worth the price.



5. Grave Before Shave Cigar Blend Beard Butter


  • A mixture of the finest oils and butters
  • Cigar/Vanilla scent
  • No beeswax included

There is a lot to love about the very light cigar scent of this beard butter. It does not go overboard with it, which in the end, allows it to just smell as pleasant as possible. The vanilla smell is the more detectable of the two, giving it just the right smoky/sweet combination.

The light hold makes it an average choice for shaping most goatees and beards. There’s plenty to praise about the sheer softness it imparts to beards, though, which is coupled with its ability to bring about just the right kind of moisturization for most fuzzes. That’s ultimately where this butter shines. If that’s your main intent for using beard butter, then you don’t need to look for another option.



6. Wild Willies Beard Butter


  • Blended by hand, made of 100% organic ingredients
  • Original scent
  • 100% money-back guarantee

When it comes to beard shaping, this performs well above the others in this list, and we just love that it can handle larger beards as well. The scent is packed with what can be termed as Manly. Are you a little more of the badass, tough-as-nails kind of beard sporter? Then Wild Willie’s may just be your winning formula. This can tame most wild beard hairs, like any strong able-bodied man, and rids it of itches as well.

That said, we did say that the brand may have made the relatively big shift from shea butter to castor oil, which absolutely changed the feel of the butter when applied and its consistency too. If not for this, we would have wholeheartedly recommended this beard butter to any beard-loving man out there. You may have to confirm this by asking the manufacturer when considering a purchase.



7. Fresh Beards Classic Beard Butter


  • Made with 100% natural ingredients
  • All oil ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil
  • Unscented

To the bearded man who is already confident of attracting the ladies with his own natural musk, this beard butter is the perfect partner. Why mask a scent that serves as one of the pillars of your masculinity? So for those men concerned only with taming and polishing their beards, you could not ask for better butter.

The hold makes it more amenable to medium-sized beards – can’t say the same for longer and curlier ones, though. That’s the only other con (if it can be considered as such) of this formula. It might be a little on the costly side as far most beard butters go – but, hey, you can’t beat all-organic in anything, right?



8. Beard of God Beard Butter Warm Tobacco Pipe


  • Made of 100% organic ingredients
  • Smoky tobacco scent with hints of sweet honey, vanilla, cherry wood, and cedarwood
  • Handcrafted, contains sweet almond oil, avocado oil, fragrance oil, vegetable oil, and vitamin E
  • Made in Canada

If you are addicted to the scent of tobacco but don’t want to have to smoke a single stick, you can let it linger on your beard instead of using this butter. Of course, this is more of a woodsy beard butter so if that’s your cup of tea then you’ll no doubt can’t get enough of this formula before long – and it’s also because it feels so smooth to your beard and skin when applied.

The use of all-organic, non-GMO ingredients is always a plus, with the handcrafted label serving as the cherry on top. And not to mention that it has great value for money, too, considering it’s using solely natural ingredients.



Frequently Asked Questions

Beard balm vs Beard butter: What’s the difference?

Beard butter share the same benefits as beard balm – to the point that most people consider them as synonymous and the same thing. At best, beard balm that limits its beeswax content – all the more so for those that forgo it all together – can already be considered as beard butter.

Additionally, plenty of long-time beard product users can attest that beard butter is just more effective in fulfilling their purposes than beard balm. However, if you want something that has more hold and can handle bushier beards, the extra beeswax in beard balm can make a load of difference.

Does beard butter help beard growth?

Those that contain a bit of organic beeswax may already encourage healthy beard growth, but since most beard butter brands do not add them, it’s safer to say that it does not directly aid in growing your beard. It does help in maintaining it, though, which is always an ideal condition for optimal growth.

When should you use beard butter?

As long as you have a beard that can be managed with butter, we highly encourage that you make it a part of your regular beard maintenance. It’s right up there with a beard trimmer in terms of importance.

As for the exact best time to use it, applying beard butter after a trip to the shower always does the trick for most men. A lot of men can also attest to getting satisfactory results when applying it before going to bed, especially if you are aiming more for its moisturizing and nourishing benefits.

Final Thoughts!

Beard butter fulfills plenty of purposes essential to proper beard maintenance so it’s definitely well worth the money. You have to be meticulous in trying out brands, though, because there’s a lot of varying options to choose from when it comes to scents, consistency, texture, and feel. What’s certain is that a lot of the best beard butters deliver in helping to moisturize and promote your beard’s health.

The brands we reviewed here pretty much serve as great representatives of what a high-quality beard butter should be like. When in doubt or feeling overwhelmed when trying to decide, just pay attention to how each product will fulfill your primary purpose for using beard butter. The scent, moisturizing capability, price, ingredients, and consistency are the main criteria you should look at.

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