How To Remove Gum From Shoes

how to remove gum from shoes

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Wearing your new favorite pair of shoes for the first time, only to discover you stepped in gum is a horrible experience. While cursing the individual who flippantly threw their chewed wad on the ground may provide some internal satisfaction, it will not do much for your shoes.

Fortunately, there are several methods on how to get gum off shoes without causing damage or leaving residue. Many of the solutions for removing gum from shoes using common household items exist already.

How To Remove Gum From Shoes

Getting Off Gum Using Ice

Ice causes the gum to solidify, which makes it much easier to remove than it was before. This is the key to the effectiveness of this procedure. Ice may be utilized in a variety of ways, depending on the amount of time that you have available.

If you are short on time, you should be able to make it simpler to remove the gum by rubbing an ice cube over the affected area for ten to twenty minutes. Having to rub the ice cube surface over the entire shoe should be sufficient enough.

The best option, though, is to place your shoe inside a plastic bag and push the bag down firmly on the gum to keep it from moving. After two hours in the freezer, the gum should separate from the plastic along with the plastic.

Removing Gum With Peanut Butter

The oils and fats in the peanut butter will help to loosen the gum’s grip on your shoe, regardless of whether you use chunky or creamy peanut butter.

how to remove gum from shoes

Applying a thick layer of peanut butter to the region that has gum stuck to it and letting it sit for around 15 minutes is what is required to employ this approach. After the allotted time has passed, scrape the gum off using a butter knife or another instrument that isn’t pointy. It is possible that you will need to apply extra peanut butter as you move along.

After the gum has been removed, give your shoe a thorough cleaning with some soap and water to get rid of any leftover peanut butter.

Dissolving Gum With Vinegar Or Alcohol

Vinegar or rubbing alcohol are two alternatives that can be used in place of peanut butter if you do not have any on hand.

On a piece of clean fabric, pour some vinegar or alcohol, whichever you have on hand; it doesn’t matter. Apply a little amount of pressure with the cloth to the afflicted region of your shoe, taking care to apply sufficient pressure so that the gum is completely covered.

After allowing the vinegar or alcohol to settle for a few minutes, begin to scrape the gum off the surface in the same manner that you would with peanut butter.

After you have eliminated all of the gum, wash your shoe with soap and water to get rid of any residue that may have been left behind by the vinegar or alcohol.

Getting Off The Gum Using WD-40

This one is for anyone who is interested in learning to remove chewing gum from your shoes without using any of the common household items.

Even though WD-40 is notoriously hard to get, its effectiveness is comparable to that of everything else on our list. After applying a generous amount of WD-40 to the region that has gum, wait for it to take effect. It should not take more than a few minutes before you are able to begin peeling off the gum in substantial chunks.

After you have scraped away all of the gum, give your shoe a thorough cleaning with soap and water to remove any WD-40 residue that may have been left behind.

How To Remove Gum On Leather Shoes?

If you have leather shoes, the process for how to get gum off of them is slightly different. You still have the option of using ice or freezing them, but you need to be more careful because leather is more delicate than other materials.

The best way to remove gum from leather shoes is to first scrape away as much as you can with a butter knife. Then, apply a small amount of saddle soap to the affected area and rub it in gently with a soft cloth. Wipe away any excess soap with a damp cloth and allow the shoes to dry completely.

how to remove gum from shoes

In addition, you can also use vinegar or alcohol to remove gum from leather shoes. First, scrape off as much gum as you can with a butter knife.

Then, apply a small amount of vinegar or alcohol to a clean cloth and rubbed it into the affected area in a circular motion. Wipe away any excess with a damp cloth and allow the shoes to dry completely.

How To Remove Gum On Suede Shoes?

Other methods are necessary to remove gum from leather shoes. After all, ice melts and turns into water. Because water is bad for suede and can develop stains by itself, freezing gum might not have been the best solution.

It’s difficult to think of a surface that doesn’t benefit from the application of peanut butter. However, because the gum is very sensitive, rubbing peanut butter on it may cause additional harm to the suede, and making it soft seems to be out of the question as well.

However, instead of scraping the gum away with a credit card or knife, you should use them to carefully scrape away the gum without damaging the top layer of leather. A unique eraser for suede shoes is your best option for restoring them to their original look.

Preventing Gum From Sticking In The First Place

The best way to deal with gum is to avoid getting it on your shoes in the first place. If you are walking and see a piece of gum on the ground, try to walk around it. If you accidentally step in gum, scrape it off as soon as possible with a butter knife or another blunt object.

In addition, you can also try to avoid gum by carrying a few preventative items with you when you’re out and about. Baby powder is one option that can be used to keep gum from sticking to your shoes. Another option can be to carry a nail polish remover which is equally effective as it helps to dissolve chewing gum.

The Bottom Line

Knowing how to remove chewing gum from shoes is a valuable skill to have. Whether you’re dealing with your own gum or someone else’s, there are a variety of techniques that you can use to get the job done. With a little elbow grease and the right household supplies, you can have your gum ridden shoe shoes looking good as new in no time.


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