10 Best Flat Caps for Men in 2023

Best Flat Caps

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Timeless. Classic. You could not pick better words to describe the iconic flat cap. They have been worn for hundreds of years and yet every time a celebrity puts one on it’s called the newest trend. The fact is they’ve never gone out of style.

Initially considered to be for the working class, upper class men also wore the caps with their casual attire, thus creating its classless strength. Flat caps can easily be worn by any man whether it’s a night on the town or a casual trip to the grocery store. These versatile headpieces are a force in headwear.

If you want to show your flair for happening hats, follow me through this guide for the best flat caps.

History of Caps

Flat caps have been around since the 14th century and got commonly referred to as bonnets. Their popularity grew in large part due to Queen Elizabeth I making a law mandating all males over six years old wear wool flat caps on Sundays, nobles excluded.

Failure to comply resulted in a fine of three farthings for each occurrence. This odd law, though repealed in 1597, was set into place to boost domestic consumption of wool and halt wool trade with the Spanish.

By the time the law had ended, flat caps had become a common accessory for the working class. Its popularity continued to grow through the centuries, with fancier styles getting worn by the upper-class who referred to them by different names, like golf caps or driving caps.

The nineteenth and twentieth centuries brought with them the emergence of a new flat cap design, the newsboy caps. At this point, flat caps could get found in Britain, Ireland, and America, with its reach continuing to spread to other countries, including Italy and Turkey.

Today, flat caps can get found in various styles, designs, and materials. No longer required to be worn or a symbol of any specific group, they are worn by young and old, trendy and traditional, men and women.

What Is a Flat Cap?

Before I explain the flat cap, let me tell you the difference between a flat cap and a hat. Hats have a full brim, meaning the brim circles the entire hat. They also have a structured crown. Think of fedora hats or Indiana Jones

Some caps are structured, like baseball caps. A flat cap is different, with a rounded crown and stiff, short brim in front. They come in many styles and designs, with varying degrees of puffiness. They get made of wool traditionally, which is still quite popular but can also get found in leather, denim, tweed, and other material options.

What to Look for When Flat Cap Shopping

Some hats are difficult to get a good fit, but the flat cap is not one of them. Its sewn fabric construction makes it easy and inexpensive to purchase. With its structure and hatband, it lays effortlessly across your forehead. For the correct cap size, check the maker’s website. Tips:

  • Traditional Look – Stick with wool, cotton, or tweed material. 
  • Modern Look – Try a different material like leather or denim.
  • Classic Look – Avoid bright colors, logos, and designs.
  • Insulation and Breathability – Avoid synthetic materials, like polyester.

How to Wear a Flat Cap

This hat has been around for more than 400 years. It would not have such longevity if it were not a timeless headpiece that is easy to style.

Flat caps got designed to be pulled forward over the brim, where it would either be sewn or snapped into place. From the side, they have a triangular shape to them, which is flattering to most face shapes.

These versatile hats can get dressed up or down effortlessly, making them the go-to headwear for many men.


Flaunt your swag in one of these sleek outfits featuring the enduring flat cap.


  • Navy overcoat with navy brogues in leather, and a flat cap.
  • Wool charcoal blazer, dress boots in black leather, and a flat cap.
  • Dark brown Chelsea boots in leather, flat cap, and a camel overcoat.
  • Flat cap, gray overcoat, and low top canvas sneakers.


  • Gray overcoat, flat cap, and black rain boots.
  • Black leather loafers with tassels, quilted bomber jacket, and a flat cap.
  • Flat cap, black leather loafers, and a black overcoat.


  • Brown Chelsea boots in leather, flat cap, and a charcoal wool blazer.
  • Flat cap, purple three-piece suit, teal loafers in leather.
  • Navy blue three-piece suit, leather oxfords in black, and a flat cap.


  • Chelsea boots in dark brown leather, gray wool blazer, and a cap.
  • Fringed black leather loafers, a flat cap, and a navy blue overcoat.
  • Leather flat cap, chukka boots, jeans, and a button-up shirt.


  • Brown leather brogues, flat cap, and a wool three-piece suit in blue.
  • Flat cap, black oxfords in leather, and a three-piece suit in dark brown.
  • Camel overcoat, black leather loafers, and a flat cap.

Comparison Table




Kangol Men's 504 Cap

Material: 100% Wool

100% Wool


Material: 85% Wool + 15% Polyamide

85% Wool + 15% Polyamide

Stetson Redding Earflap Cap

Material: 100% Cowhide leather

100% Cowhide leather

Wigens Benno Melton Pub Cap

Material: 100% Wool

100% Wool

Kangol Suede Cap

Material: 100% Wool

100% Wool

Gottmann Jackson Flat Cap

Material: 100% Wool

100% Wool

Robert Graham Iroquois Peak Ivy Cap

Material: 95% Lambskin leather + 5% Wool

95% Lambskin leather + 5% Wool

The 10 Best Flat Caps for Men of 2023

1. Kangol Men's 504 Cap


  • 100% Wool
  • Seamless
  • Stiffened peak
  • Iconic 504 style
  • Multiple colors and sizes

Kangol began manufacturing caps in the 1950s. It got made on the 504 block, hence the name of this popular cap. It has a stiffened peak and gets made of 100% seamless wool.



2. Hanna Hats Donegal Tweed Vintage Flat Driving Cap


  • 100% Irish wool
  • Handcrafted
  • Dry clean only
  • Full-Bodied
  • Taffeta Lining
  • Tons of colors and patterns
  • Made in Ireland

This is a popular style in Ireland and gets handcrafted there by Hannah Hats. Here is an appealing design that gets worn by both men and women of all ages. It is a bestseller for its style, quality, and shape.

If you’re looking for an edgy, colorful, or trendy option, this hat has an impressive array of colors and styles to choose from.



3. Stetson Herringbone Flat Cap


  • 85% Wool + 15% Polyamide
  • 100% cotton lining
  • 5cm brim
  • Herringbone classic design
  • Three color options

Stetson is a well-known hat maker that has been working in the industry for decades. Their reputation for high quality and detailed construction is unmatched.

To ensure you order the right size, be sure to measure your head using a soft measuring tape or a string just above your ears. If you are using the string method, hold it next to a ruler or metal tape measure to get your circumference measurement.



4. Biddy Murphy Ear Flap Slim Fit Flat Cap


  • Made by John Hanly & Co.
  • 100% wool from Ireland
  • Earlaps
  • Water-resistant
  • Made in Ireland
  • Three color options

This cap is made in Ireland with Irish hands using 100% Irish wool. It doesn’t get more authentic than this! John Hanly & Company is a family-owned business for more than a hundred and twenty years. It produces this heirloom-quality cap for Biddy Murphy.

You can look like a gentleman well dressing casual or dress it up for an elegant touch.



5. Stetson Redding Earflap Cap


  • 100% cowhide leather
  • Fleece lining
  • Earlaps
  • 6-panels
  • Available in black and dark brown

This hat got designed for the man who wants to look masculine, cool, and classy all at once.

As one of the best winter flat caps on the list, you can rest assured that your head, ears, and neck will stay warm and comfortable in the colder months. With a leather outer and a fleece lining, you’ll stay toasty and warm.

You can purchase this cap confidently since it is a Stetson brand, as it is known for its hatmaking excellence.



6. Wigens Benno Melton Pub Cap


  • 100% melton wool
  • Satin lining
  • Padded sweatband
  • Swedish design
  • Available in black and navy 

If you’re looking for a cap to keep you warm on a chilly day, this 100% wool cap with quilted satin lining will do the trick. It has a padded sweatband for comfort and a sleek pub cap design. The materials are of such premium quality you’ll want more than one.



7. Stetson Texas Classic Wool Flat Cap


  • 100% wool
  • 100% cotton lining
  • 5cm visor
  • Classic designs
  • Available in black, dark grey and navy

For a classic look with a great fit, the Stetson Texas Classic is an excellent choice. Pictures simply do not do this hat justice.

It gets made from the best materials with solid construction and is a sturdy hat that will last for many years. Other caps are cheap imitations of this brilliant Stetson design. Once you feel the fabric, you’ll know this one is the real deal.



8. Kangol Suede Cap


  • 100% suede
  • Italian leather
  • Satin lining
  • Hand wash only
  • Six color options
  • Made in Italy

This exquisite hat gets made of supple genuine suede Italian leather with a rounded crown and a sewn bill. It comes with satin lining and a metallic Kangol pin on the side. This luxurious flat cap is sure to attract compliments wherever you wear it.

This gorgeous cap fits true to size.



9. Gottmann Jackson Flat Cap


  • 100% Wool
  • Cotton blend lining
  • 4cm visor
  • Fold up earlaps
  • GORE-TEX water repellant
  • Multiple color options

After its beginnings in the 1950s, Gottman established itself as one of the industry leaders for headpieces. Its use of premium materials and high-tech features has earned the family-owned company a place as one of the leading brands on the market.

You can count on this cap to keep you warm while still providing breathability. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and the fit is superb. The wool material and earlaps keep you warm while the GORE-TEX technology keeps you dry.



10. Robert Graham Iroquois Peak Ivy Cap


  • Lambskin leather crown
  • Wool ivy brim
  • Silk lining
  • Dry clean only

The combination of leather and wool on this flat cap makes it a unique option. It is a handsome blend that works well on this style of hat. This sexy headpiece can get worn in numerous ways. The styling possibilities are exciting with this smooth specimen.

You can sport it on a casual outing, rock it for a night on the town, or unleash it on a hot date. You’ll look great wearing this with nearly any outfit, or wearing it by itself (wink).



Frequently Asked Questions

Heck yeah! Flat caps have been a popular hat choice for hundreds of years in countries around the world. They keep you warm in the cold, are classy, and can get worn by anybody. They are an iconic headpiece that spans generations.

Look at pictures from the last 400 years, and you’ll see flat caps on men of all ages, and in more recent years, on women as well. Its styling versatility, material options, and design variety keep the flats a staple in the fashionable man’s closet.

You can wear a flat cap any time of the year. Just be mindful of the material and style you choose for the different seasons. You wouldn’t want to don a wool cap with fleece lining and earlaps in mid-summer. Save that for the fall and winter.

For the warmer months, go with a breathable fabric like cotton or linen. Look for a moisture-wicking lining as well – sweaty foreheads are not attractive on anyone, except maybe Channing Tatum (you’ve seen Magic Mike, you get it).

You can easily hand wash your wool cap using Woolite or another wool wash in your sink with lukewarm water. Pour in a small amount of product. Fully submerge the hat and leave it to soak up to ten minutes. Gently move it around but do not twist or wring it. Rinse well until all suds are removed and lay flat to dry.

Always check the tag on your cap before laundering. Hats have a variety of different cleaning options, and you want to use the method specific to yours. Some materials require spot cleaning, others can be machine washed, and some are dry clean only.

Final Thoughts!

Flat caps have stood the test of time. They can get worn by all classes, sexes, and ages. They are comfortable enough to work in and stylish enough to wear out. Wear them casually or dressed up for a classy look.

You can find them in many different materials and styles. From traditional to modern to edgy, there is a flat cap for everyone. Call them what you like, scullies, newsies, Gatsbys, or anything else you want. Regardless of the name, they are a fashion staple for men around the world. Don’t get left behind. You need a flat cap in your life.

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