Choosing The Best Summer Fabrics For Men

Choosing The Best Summer Fabrics For Men 2

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Talk about summer, and you can’t but mention its hot temperature, long days, and of course, bright sunlight. Summer brings about significant changes in our lifestyle, and one of the most prominent is our choice of outfits or dress style.

Staying on top of fashion and looking sharp during summer may seem challenging for many men, especially since they have to consider heat and comfortability while “dressing to kill.” While it’s easy to think the lighter an outfit is, the more fitting it will be for summer, that’s not always true.

Summer wear has to be made from specific fabrics that are breathable, airy, and light to support heat flow and ventilation. Essentially, you want what you wear to be comfortable and suitable for the occasion and weather.  For example, men’s and boys swim trunks are made of polyester because the material is soft, sturdy, and wrinkle-resistant.

Wearing the wrong fabric in summer can mean a long day of profuse sweating accompanied by discomforts. On the other hand, wearing the right outfit can help you feel at ease while looking more attractive and relaxed.

And undoubtedly, with a relaxed and comfortable mind comes more astounding performance at work, home, and in every other place.

If you’re confused about what fabrics to fill your wardrobe with this summer, here’s our list of the best summer wear fabrics for men.

4 Best Fabrics For Summer

1. Cotton

Different clothes are made from varying materials to fulfill several purposes. For instance, during winter, when the temperatures are low, you tend to be more concerned about clothes that help you stay warm.

As a result, clothes made from fabrics such as wool, down, polyester, and nylon will top the list of your outfit fabrics.

Similarly, in summer, you need only a collection of fabrics that allow the heat from your body to rapidly escape so you can remain cool and comfortable all day.

Whether you’re rocking your khaki shorts and pants with a T-shirt or you’re going official with a suit and trousers, cotton is one of the best materials to look out for.

Besides being one of the most widely used natural timber, cotton is equally cheap and readily available. The versatility of cotton in producing a wide range of outfits makes it a perfect fit for your summer needs. In fact, you could go the entire summer wearing only outfits made from cotton without feeling out of fashion for a single minute.

Cotton offers a wide range of benefits that makes it rank on top of the list of summer wear for men. Some of these are:

  • Its ability to control moisture
  • insulation and lightweight properties
  • Does an excellent job in soaking up sweat
  • Relaxing and providing comfort
  • It’s hypoallergenic, weatherproof, and durable.

The exciting part is that cotton is a fabric that gets stronger when wet, so you wouldn’t have to worry about sweat destroying your clothes.

2. Linen

Next up is linen. As a fabric made from flax fibers, linen is a porous material that proves to be an excellent conductor of heat. From table cloths to ropes, linen is used for a wide range of clothing due to its strength and durability. When choosing the best fabrics for summer, linen undoubtedly comes somewhere on top.

The secret of linen’s superb ability to allow heat to escape freely from the body is in its loose woven nature. Like cotton, linen efficiently absorbs a lot of moisture to help you feel cool and comfortable in it. Best of all, linen dries very quickly, unlike some other summer fabrics.

The benefits of wearing linen fabrics during summer include:

  • Its natural anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties
  • It’s moisture-wicking
  • Ability to hold dye colors well (as compared to some other material)
  • It’s available in almost any color
  • Its resilience and durability
  • Strength (said to be two times stronger than cotton)

That said, linen fabrics tend to be more expensive than cotton. So if you’re within a tight budget, filling your wardrobe with these quality fabrics might be nigh on impossible.

However, if money isn’t a thing of concern, cruising the summer in linen fabrics will always be a worthwhile investment.

3. Rayon

Think of a fabric that takes on the properties of silk, wool, and cotton, and rayon comes to mind. Unlike cotton and linen, rayon is a versatile man-made fabric that’s gotten from cotton, wood pulp, and several other natural or synthetic fibers.

By and large, rayon is one of the most loved fibers in clothing owing to its combination of several good properties of cotton, wool, and others.

Due to its super thin fibers, rayon can breathe more than other fabrics and bring greater comfort without sticking to your body.

 If you’re a huge fan of sports, you already know how sweaty things can get when it’s business o’clock. However, wearing a fabric such as rayon can help you get as much ventilation as possible, leading to fewer sweats and greater comfortability. Some core advantages of rayon are:

  • High comfortability due to its cool feel on the skin
  • It’s plant-based and biodegradable
  • Ability to absorb moisture
  • Excellent dye abilities

4. Denim/Chambray

Although chambray and denim aren’t exactly the same, they are made from similar fabrics – cotton. Due to their source, denim and chambray possess similar properties with few variations here and there. Chambray comes in different forms, and its variants are called cambric or batiste. Owing to its soft texture and thin construction, chambray is highly efficient in keeping the body cool in dry heat and humidity.

Denim comes from tightly woven cotton, which makes it breathable and an excellent sweat absorbent. When it comes to adding youthful dynamism to fashion, denim is the go-to fabric. And like cotton, denim is highly versatile and blends well with many other fabrics. One thing that makes people skeptical about denim is the heavy feel it brings when wet. And since summer can be tiring and uncomfortable, you don’t want your clothes to be another burden on you.

So, if you feel you’re likely to spend more time under the sun or doing something sweaty, you’re better off wearing chambray as it’s way lighter than denim.


That said, your choice of summer fabrics amidst the above listed will largely depend on budget and personal preferences. Whichever materials you rock the summer in, it’s important to maintain it to guarantee a long-standing service properly.

And, a wardrobe containing a mixture of the best fabrics will be the perfect way to spend the summer.

Choosing The Best Summer Fabrics For Men 3


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