10 Best Newsboy Caps for Men in 2023

best newsboy caps

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Today, the newsboy cap goes by many different names like apple cap, Gatsby cap, and 8-quarter cap (or 8/4 cap). It’s a hip and trendy fashion piece for any man’s wardrobe. The best newsboy caps can get seen on many fashion-forward celebrities like Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, and the stylish David Beckham.

To understand the origin of the newsboy cap, you must first learn the start of its predecessor, the flat cap. In the 1300s, Northern England made the first flat cap. They were similar to what we know as the newsboy style, but with two main differences, they were flat on top and made with one piece of material.

The newsboy cap emerged in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The design is similar to a flat cap but rounded on the top with a button in the center.

Newsies are not a “wool pancake” like its predecessor. The style could get seen in the US and Europe as a popular choice among the working class.

Many kids selling newspapers on the streetcorner wore the new caps, garnering its name “newsboy cap.” They weren’t the only ones though many steelworkers, farmers, and even bandits slipped on one of these bulbous beauties.

It eventually made its way into an upper-class society where it typically got kept to leisurely activities like hunting, shooting, and other sporting events.

What Is a Newsboy Cap?

Maintaining some similarities to the flat cap, like a rounded style, small brim, and being constructed with tweed, the newsboy cap has some distinct differences.

A true newsboy is puffier, has a button in the center, and usually gets constructed of eight panels sewn together from the top down to the base. The button is there to hide where the panels converge.

Newsboy caps are an exceptional choice for men who want to be fashionable but not flashy. No longer considered a “poor boy cap,” the newsie can be worn in high-style or down-to-earth scenarios. Most guys enjoy its casual adaptability to any occasion.

How to Wear a Newsboy Cap

This classically styled cap is suitable in any wardrobe, whether you’re 5 or 105, blue-collar or aristocracy. It compliments most face shapes and can be dressed up or dressed down, making them a highly versatile staple piece.

Here are some styling tips for your ever-fashionable newsie:

  • Don’t try to pull off a newsboy cap in the summer. They are not an appropriate hat for the season, even if they’re in a lighter material.
  • Unless you are Samuel L. Jackson, do not attempt to wear it backward like a baseball cap. No one else can pull off that newsboy hat style. He is in a league of his own.
  • Never wear it unsnapped or not pinned, unless you’re seeking a more feminine look. Otherwise, keep it together, man.
  • Fit it to you. Gently shape the brim to suit your head and face shape, but don’t go crazy with it. Keep it a natural look.
  • Watch your patterns. Don’t wear a hat pattern that is like that of your coat or vest. It will not gel properly, and you’ll just look off. It’s best to keep one a pattern and the other a solid.
  • Make sure it fits. A hat that’s too big will make you look frumpy. It should reach your ears on each side with a brim low-laying on the forehead, providing eyeshade. 

The newsie is best suited for mid-range weather, like the fall or early spring. It is not designed for warm weather and is inappropriate for cold weather as it leaves the ears fully exposed without earlaps.

Styling your newsboy cap is easy. Here are some go-to outfit ideas to take the guesswork out of your daily outfit selection.

  1. A hip jacket combined with dress slacks or designer jeans is my number one pick and should be your go-to outfit when you’re looking to make an impression with your newsboy hat.
  2. Pair your hat with a business-casual suit. Be careful with this one, though. This throwback combo can easily take a turn into a historic looking faux pas.
  3. Teaming your newsie with modern clothes, like jeans and a sweater or chinos and a collared shirt, creates a smoldering look for today’s on-trend man.

Comparison Table




Brixton Brood Newsboy Hat

Material: 100% Cotton

100% Cotton

Stetson Virgin Wool Hatteras Donegal Cap

Material: 100% Virgin Wool

100% Virgin Wool

Peaky Blinders Men's 8 Piece Newsboy Cap

Material: 75% Wool + 25 % Polyester

75% Wool + 25 % Polyester

Sterkowski Peaky Blinders Cap

Material: 100% Wool

100% Wool

Borges & Scott Lomond Newsboy Cap

Material: 100% Handwoven Wool

100% Handwoven Wool

Stetson McCook Distressed Leather Newsboy Cap

Material: 100% distressed leather

100% distressed leather

Robert Graham Headwear Men's Royal Oaknewsboy

Material: 100% Virgin Wool

100% Virgin Wool

The 10 Best Newsboy Caps for Men of 2023

1. Brixton Brood Newsboy Hat


  • Custom Brixton lining
  • Snap-lock short brim
  • Multiple sizes
  • Brixton ‘B’ shield emblem
  • Variety of patterns and colors

This style has been with Brixton for a long time. It has numerous features unique to Brixton, like their special lining and the Brixton shield. It’s an 8-quarter newsboy cap with the traditional button center.



2. Stetson Virgin Wool Hatteras Donegal Cap


  • 100% Virgin Wool
  • Herringbone lining
  • Four color options
  • Multiple sizes

Here is one of the wool newsboy caps on the market that is made by Stetson, so you know it’s a high-quality product. While it has rave customer reviews from numerous countries, it does have its limitations. There are only four color options available, with some only offered in one size.

If you’re looking to get some winter newsboy caps, you may find yourself out of luck here with the size and color restraints.



3. Peaky Blinders Men's 8 Piece Newsboy Cap


  • 75% wool
  • Tons of colors and patterns
  • Authentic Edwardian Street Style

What a throwback to years past! It’s the same style that was popular decades ago. It brings back a healthy dose of nostalgia, especially in the Croagh Black.

It’s got a valid price point, top-rated quality, and it’s a risk-free purchase with their satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re worried about taking a risk on an online hat purchase, this is the one to take a chance on. Just pick one of the fifteen colors or patterns. You won’t regret it!



4. Sterkowski Peaky Blinders Cap


  • Scottish Harris Tweed
  • 100% wool
  • Cotton lining
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Sizes to XXXL

In my opinion, Sterkowski is the best newsboy caps you can get. Each one is handmade in a family-owned workshop.

The materials are painstakingly selected to ensure the highest quality and comfort for the wearer. They’ve been using the same hatmaking techniques for 90 plus years. Multiple generations keep this amazing place going.

If you’re looking for a newsboy cap like no other, Sterkowsi is the way to go.



5. Borges & Scott Lomond Newsboy Cap


  • 100% Scottish Harris wool tweed
  • Satin lining
  • Multiple colors and sizes
  • Water and stain-resistant

The hat has a longer bill, and the entire design is to stand up to harsher weather conditions. The cap gets sewn to the bill allowing it to stay firmly on the head even in the rough weather.

There are six different design choices. Too bad most are herringbone patterns like the charcoal, field, and classic. The satin lining comes in unique colors to suit the specific hat which arrives in a custom box.



6. John Hanly Peaky Blinders Hat Newsboy Style


  • 100% Irish wool tweed
  • Four sizes
  • Water-resistant

If you are looking for an Irish newsboy cap for men, this is the one. It gets made in Tipperary, Ireland, with 100% Biddy Murphy wool tweed based on a 300-year-old weaving tradition.

Unfortunately, this is the only color and pattern option available. The sizes range from small to extra large.

With their superior customer service, you’re sure to have a positive buying experience.



7. Stetson McCook Distressed Leather Newsboy Cap


  • 100% distressed leather
  • German made
  • Six panels
  • Waterproof

I love the distressed leather, particularly in the brown. It combines a classic style with a sleeker, more modern wearability.

There is a discrepancy in the listing. The bullet points state it is unlined, while the product description says the lining is 100% cotton. That is a factor as an unlined cap will need professional cleaning much more frequently than the lined version due to sweat and dirt from the head. 



8. Hanna Hats Donegal Tweed Newsboy Cap


  • Handcrafted in Ireland 
  • 100% Wool 
  • Nine colors and patterns
  • Full-bodied

Every color but two have a good size range from small up to XXL. It is by far the best size range on the most options that I have seen thus far. If you need a bigger hat size, you’re more likely to find the one you like here, given their selection.



9. Wigens Milo Slim Fit Magee Newsboy Cap


  • 100% Wool Donegal Tweed
  • Foldable earlaps
  • Swedish design
  • Handwoven
  • Satin lining

The Magee is such a handsome cap with a beautiful shape. It is one magnificent headpiece.

It comes with built-in earlaps that fold up inside the topper when they are not needed. There is a sleek, black satin lining for comfort.

The downside is that it only comes in two colors, gray and brown. Throw in the high price tag, and it’s definitely near the bottom of my list.



10. Robert Graham Headwear Men's Royal Oaknewsboy


  • 100% Harris Tweed virgin wool
  • Suede visor and button
  • Dry clean only

The wool and suede combination on this newsboy cap is visually one of my favorites on this list. Everything blends well together in this headpiece.

The bummer here is that it only comes in one color, camel, with only three size options. That makes this cap very limited in the overall appeal. With an expanded color and size selection, the only thing that would keep this newsie from the top of my list is the high price.



Frequently Asked Questions

Newsboy caps evolved from the flat cap, which made its appearance in the 14th century. Near the end of the 19th century, newsboy caps were created in a similar style but with a few distinct differences.

The defining differences between flat and newsboy caps are that flat caps are flat on top, whereas newsboy caps are round. You can easily pick a newsboy out in a pile of flat caps as the newsie will have six to eight panels, a puffy top, and a button in the center.

Abso-flipping-lutely! While some cannot see past the portobello-like plume, others love it specifically for that unique shape and style. Many fashionable men rock the newsboy look and do so with great success. They are wildly popular all around the world, including the United States, England, Ireland, Germany, and numerous other countries.

Even women have delved into the newsboy world, wearing them in a more feminine style with the brim unsnapped from the top for a fluffier appearance. The beautiful Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has also been seen sporting a newsboy cap.

Although they got created around the same time, the fedora is a very different hat compared to the newsboy cap.

Fedoras have a medium brim with an upward curve and sit low on the head. They have a hatband and various creases, dents, and pinches that vary in size, number, and location, depending on the brand. They are a stiff hat, unlike the soft and shapeable newsboy cap with its fluffier top.

Peaky Blinders, a British crime drama, is a period piece regularly showcasing the newsboy cap. It gets seen throughout the long-running series getting worn by the actors. 

The show follows Tommy Shelby and his crime family in the early to mid-1900s. The gang sports the newsboy cap, but not just for looks. They use them as a weapon to cause serious harm to their enemies by stitching razor blades to the inside of the caps. 

The show stars well-known actors like Sam Neill, Tom Hardy, and Adrien Brody. You can check out the newsboys in action on Netflix, who now owns the rights to the acclaimed series that showcases the ever-popular newsboy caps.

You can wear the same look as the Peaky Blinders gang with a newsboy cap, long overcoat, a three-piece suit, and a penny collar shirt.

Final Thoughts!

The newsboy cap is the only head covering I know that spans so many generations. Young boys to middle-aged men to elderly gentlemen can all wear it while pulling off a pleasing look with ease.

This hat style has gotten worn by the working class, upper class, and even the royal family. Movies and television shows alike demonstrate the hat throughout recent history. It’s been a prominent topper globally for more than a century.

Dress it up or dress it down, the newsie is a versatile hat for multiple seasons. With a classic style and simple wearability, it’s not a surprise the newsboy cap has become a staple for every man’s wardrobe.

10 Best Newsboy Caps for Men in 2023 1


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