7 Purchasing Tips For First-Time Watch Buyers

Purchasing Tips For First-Time Watch Buyers

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If you’ve never owned a watch before, buying one can be gratifying. That is if you’ve successfully treaded the wide span of physical and online shops that exist. Also, not to mention the different types, functions, and features of timepieces from different brands.

The watch market has grown exponentially over the past few decades, even through hard times. Most watch brands cater to all demographics, which can be both good and problematic for some consumers. To expect a beginner to easily understand all they need to learn about watches is setting yourself up for failure.

A watch is a device, so purchasing one needs a little mulling over, just like any device you’re using. You can’t always get the best explanation from stores, plus you’d want to do the research yourself. Thus, this article will give you tips for first-time watch buyers.

You’ll read numerous articles that’ll tell you to look at the price of watches. It’s a fact that price is vital to any purchase, especially with timepieces where it can be cheap, and almost everyone can afford it and as expensive that it’s considered a status symbol. However, pricing isn’t everything when buying a watch.

You’ve got to understand the true value of a timepiece so you can be satisfied with your purchase. You can assess a watch’s value by thinking about how frequently you’ll be using it and how wearing it makes you feel. It’s all about necessity, durability, purpose, and comfort.

Pick something that you can wear and use for a long time because watches are meant to last. So when you look at luxury brands like, let’s say, Seiko watches, consider the actual value which lies in your taste.

2. Learn Fundamental Watch Knowledge

You can educate yourself about watches work to make the best purchase possible. You can start with movement and the different watch types.

Movement or caliber, as watchmakers call it, is the mechanism inside the watch that operates it. It’s the power source of all wristwatches, and there are two basic types: quartz and mechanical.

Quartz movement is powered by a battery and is highly accurate. Mechanical is divided into two categories: manual and automatic. Automatic mechanical movement means you don’t have to manually wound it because it harnesses kinetic energy as its power source, unlike manual mechanical movement.

Different watch types vary among brands, but the most common in the market are sports, diving, dress, pilot, and driving watches. Almost every brand will have plenty of every type because there are various reasons why people buy watches nowadays, besides keeping tabs on time.

3. Authenticity

Of course, you wouldn’t want to buy a fake watch as your first timepiece, wouldn’t you? You’d like an original watch because the original is equal to high quality. Learn how to spot a counterfeit watch to avoid getting duped.

The best way to do that is to: buy from a legitimate dealer and learn all about the watch you like. Authorized dealers usually have a certification from brands that you can see inside their shops and boutiques. Do your research if you see a watch that piques your interest. You can typically find all the information that you need on their website.

4. Avoid Buying Vintage

You read that right. Refrain from buying vintage for your first luxury watch. Many first-time watch buyers make this mistake because they think it holds sentimental value to purchase a classic vintage for their very first timepiece.

Knowing which vintage watch is worth every penny could take months and years of intense watch research and knowledge. You may think now that this will be a worthy investment someday, but a new watch might be the best choice for a first-timer.

5. Go Against the Flow

You will be amazed at how many choices there are for watches. Find hundreds and thousands of colorways, styles, sizes, and shapes. This whole paradigm of watches is neverending when it comes to scope, creativity, and style. One of the most important tips is, if you’re going to buy your first [luxury] watch, do not ever buy what’s currently on the market trend. Instead, go for classic timepieces if you want yours to last a lifetime.

Avoid watch trends that could easily sway in and out of fashion and trends in a matter of years. And besides, classic timepieces increase their value more over time as compared to trendy ones. Know which type of watch you’re willing to invest in.

6. Research About Luxury Brands

Don’t know where to start? Try checking out well-known luxury brands that produce high-quality timepieces:

●  Seiko
●  Rolex
●  Omega
●  Patek Philippe
●  Breitling
●  …

These are only a few of the many other top brands out there. Know your luxury watch brands and research well about their most sought-after watches to help you decide on which timepiece will make it to your list.

7. Be Wary

Be wary when purchasing watches online. Check the credibility of the watch dealer and the company first. As much as possible, refrain from purchasing from newer watch companies with little to no customer feedback and testimonials. Make sure the watch company or dealer you’re going for also has a strong social media presence. That way, you are guaranteed that it’s legitimate. Ask if they are willing to provide refunds and exchange should there be any need to do so. Anyway, you are most likely to get standard-issue warranties that will cover repairs from certified and reputable watch companies and dealers.

Last Bit of Advice

These are all the important things you’ve got to know and consider when buying your first watch. Keep all these in mind to make your first [luxury] watch-buying experience an unforgettable one. Now you’re on your own, and it will all come down to which brand or design you feel will fit your qualifications and preferences. As a last piece of advice, keep in mind that it’s all about your personal choice, so trust your judgment, and you’ll avoid buyer’s remorse.

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