20 Best Minimalist Wallets For Men in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


Gone were the days that most of us are using big and thick wallets. Instead, these days, slim wallets yet functional ones are more preferred – minimalist wallet.

In fact, these wallets are a common choice by the majority for certain reasons – stylish, practical and comfortable options. And because many options in styles and designs are available, it is challenging to pick the best minimalist wallets perfect for you, addressing your needs and preferences.

But worry not, this article would definitely help you all the way! It would be best to equip yourself first with important details about the product you are about to purchase.

Of course, there are certain factors that you must be aware of once going out and shopping for a minimalist wallet. And these factors include the following:

Wallet Style

Most minimalist wallets for men have a sleeve design which allows the small number of ID and credit cards and bills to fit into the slots or narrow pockets. Compact sleeves are the slimmest options that are made from just a piece of leather or other material. Other options include bi-fold and tri-fold ones that offer more storage space. 


The most popular and of course the most stylish material that is used in making wallets for generations is the leather. For an expensive choice, you can have the fine and handcrafted full-grain or top-grain leather. This one is definitely beautiful and could make a statement indeed. Plus, it is also quite durable once treated well. 

On the other hand, genuine leather wallets are less expensive yet lower in quality too but could be fine for daily use. The minimalist style would recommend less-traditional materials such as wood or synthetics, elastic, metals and fabrics. 


Always look for solid construction, no matter what material you pick. Of course, you don’t want a wallet that falls apart and spills the contents, right? 

Rounded corners would slow down wear and slip in and out of the pocket more easily. Also, sewn edges as well as card slots would be stronger and could last longer.  Avoid wallets with plastic card holders that isn’t only look cheap but trap dirt inside as well. 

Weight and Size

These are among the most important features of a minimalist wallet, along with the appearance. Almost all are lightweight but those that are made from copper would be a lot heavier than the linen or elastic counterpart. 

RFID Blocker

This is also one of the most popular and sought-after features in a minimalist wallet. It is a feature designed in order to prevent a form of “electronic pickpocketing” or also known as skimming. There are IDs and credit cards having embedded radio frequency chips that could be scanned by RFID readers at restaurants or stores and this one is a convenient way of paying without swiping the card. 

However, it is also a lot more convenient for thieves having their own RFID readers to skim credit card numbers or to steal personal details from IDs even a few feet away. Those wallets with such features make the data inaccessible. 

Credit Card Slots

And this one is also a key factor. Yes, it is great to be a minimalist, but it wouldn’t help to have a lightweight and cool wallet once you wind up at your fave store without your loyalty card. You have to figure out exactly what you would need to carry in the wallet before downsizing to one which is small or a wallet that doesn’t have enough slots for the IDs and cards that you normally carry. 

Extra Design Features

You might also find minimalist wallets having see-through pockets intended for driver’s license, or hidden pockets for those cards that you like to keep out of view as you open the wallet, even those ones having small metal binder clips in order to hold the case in place firmly. Though these are not all necessary, still a feature or two might catch your eye. 

It’s best that you should take note of these factors before picking a minimalist wallet that right for you – the one that matches both your needs and standards. 

Here are the top 20 options of minimalist wallets that you can definitely choose from, along with their reviews.

Comparison Table


Primary material



Material: Cowhide leather

Cowhide leather


Material: Full-grain cowhide leather

Full-grain cowhide leather


Material: Chromexcel leather

Chromexcel leather


Material: Cow leather

Cow leather


Material: 6061-T6 aluminum

6061-T6 aluminum


Material: Leather and metal

Leather and metal


Material: Cowhide leather

Cowhide leather


Material: Leather



Material: Embossed leather

Embossed leather


Material: Leather



Material: Grained cowhide leather

Grained cowhide leather

The 10 Best Minimalist Wallets For Men in 2020

1. Bellroy Slim Sleeve Leather Wallet


  • Perfect fit for 4-12 cards and folded bills
  • Super slim profile
  • Two quick-access slots and clever pull-tab section
  • Made from top grain leather

This is indeed an excellent alternative to your traditional wallet. It could slip simply into your rear or front pockets without making any dent. It has a large central pocket that is also ideal for your folded bills, and the external slots perfectly fit up to four cards which would easily be accessed once needed.

This is one of the slimmest wallets and the most practical one too. It’s perfect for those who simply want to carry the bare essentials and very easy to open by just a simple pinch.


  • Design intended for great looking
  • Easy to use every day
  • Surely not prone to wear and tear
  • Super slim and sleek design


  • No RFID Blocker
  • Low quality stitching

2. I-CLIP Carbon Fiber Slim Wallet


  • Made and designed in Germany using high quality and locally-found materials
  • Ultra slim for a comfortable fit on the pocket
  • Patented design that holds up to 12 cards
  • A flexible money clip for receipts and bills
  • High quality cowhide leather with a carbon surface look
  • Frames that are made of robutense

Another great option is this minimalist wallet which focused on usability, functionality and simplicity. Well, using this wallet has never been this convenient.

It has a compact and ultra-slim design that allows the wallet to fit into any pocket. The flexible frame and rounded corners are superb too. The frames are made of a high-quality plastic composite which is definitely lightweight and durable. In fact, it’s one of the lightest wallets in the market.

This wallet stores up to 12 cards and it has a large window that offers easy and fast access to each of the cards. And also, it has this integrated money clip that stores the bills and gives quick access to the money.


  • Compact design giving a sleek look with no bulging pockets
  • Durable which holds the cards securely
  • Lightweight that you don’t feel like having a wallet at all


  • A bit flimsy

3. Montblanc Meisterstuck Pocket 6cc


  • Six housing magazines
  • Full-grain calfskin
  • Black jacquard lining

This one is made of black full-grain calfskin and a black jacquard lining along with the brand name. Indeed, this black pocket holder stands for long traditions of crafting products using first-class material and by those finest-skilled artisans. It also offers six pockets for business or credit cards plus an additional one making it perfect to be used every day.


  • Nice look and feel
  • Extraordinary quality
  • Six pockets plus one additional


  • It feels tight with slots filled with cards making it hard to pull out the cards

4. TUMI ID Lock Slim Card Case


  • Made from nylon and leather
  • Imported and handwash
  • Lining is made of nylon

For a wallet that is simple and light, this slim alpha card case is definitely a great choice. It is made from ballistic nylon along with leather trim and it features two card pockets and an ID window too. Indeed, it is a heavy-duty wallet wherein the middle slot is extremely tight that it only holds a credit card or a few bills too. The edges outside of the wall offer a smooth rubbery feel.


  • Superb RFID protection
  • Solid construction
  • Amazing looks and design


  • Loose stitches quickly
  • The size is a bit wider than a credit card

5. Ezra Arthur No. 2 Wallet


  • 100% made of leather
  • Chromexcel leather being tanned by Horween in Chicago
  • No linings, glue or rubber
  • Handcrafted in the USA

A sophisticated cash fold wallet, this one more or less symbolizes class. It is portable and simple, and it consists of fresh-tanned Horween leather known for refined craftsmanship for almost centuries.

The leather is durable but supple and it ages nicely by developing a dark patina over a period of time. This one is also scratch-resistant because of the mixed oils and wax. The design also represents sophisticated minimalism since it doesn’t have any extra metal parts or even glue or rubber linings.


  • Lifetime warranty on stitching
  • Can hold a nice deck of credit cards, business cards and cash
  • Keeps everything in place
  • Superb craftsmanship


  • None

6. Hugo Boss Leather Card Holder


  • 100% cow leather and imported
  • Four credit card pockets
  • One Open Pocket

This one is a modern card case in soft leather which features the reverse logo of Hugo. It is a contemporary card case offering four card slots along with an open pocket. You can definitely organize your daily effects with a touch of this wallet. It is made of 100% cow leather and an imported one. You can also hand wash this wallet.


  • One open pocket plus four credit card pockets
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Simple but clever design


  • Few slots for cards

7. The Ridge Slim Minimalist Front Pocket


  • A slim wallet that holds up to 12 cards without stretching out
  • Powerful RFID Chip Readers
  • Integrated cash trap
  • aluminium plating and interchangeable elastic screws

This minimalist wallet almost has it all. Slim profile, brilliant exterior looks, RFID blockers and more of extraordinary features. You could fit in 12 cards in a very small package without having to stretch it. Also, it features a money clip and a cash strap in order to carry more than imaginable. It has stunning looks and its smart minimal design offers functionality.


  • Ridge Wallet Lifetime Guarantee
  • Excellent RFID blocking
  • Slim and functional
  • Superb durability
  • Minimal design


  • A bit awkward to use

8. Trayvax Contour Minimalist Wallet


  • Titanium aluminium nitride coating
  • Leather tanned with top grain oil
  • RFID resistant
  • Integrated bottle opener
  • Made in the USA

This one is indeed a great version of a luxury wallet. The craftsmanship of this wallet uses premium processes like hand stitching, Physical Vapor Deposition and CNC machining along with the assurance of durable and high-quality materials.

It offers a timeless and sleek design that is backed by a steel plate ensuring a long-lasting and rugged carry. And all the components of this wallet came from and are assembled in the USA.


  • True minimalist wallet
  • Ultra-thin design
  • RFID blocking
  • Quality materials


  • Scratches the card on the outside up
  • Less room

9. Paul Smith Multi Stripe Credit Card Case


  • Made of 100% calf leather
  • With central compartment and three credit card slots
  • A tie fastening and two patch pockets
  • Lined in black fabric embossed gold foil
  • Made in Italy

In this minimalist wallet, you will be provided with three credit card slots along with a central compartment intended for folded notes or even receipts. It is also lined in black fabric and embossed gold foil signature of Paul Smith. Plus, it has two patch pockets as well as a tie fastening.


  • Great leather quality for the price.
  • Easy to clean due to dry clean feature.
  • Can be paired with virtually any color of jeans due to its color.


  • Pricey

10. Dolce & Gabbana Credit Card Holder


  • Made of genuine leather 
  • Pattern leather bearing a D&G logo
  • Credit card slots

Another great option for credit card holder if you are a minimalist is this one offered by Dolce & Gabbana. You rest assured by its quality as it is made in Italy, where products like this are known to be extraordinary.

This credit card holder holds not just credit cards but other kinds of cards that you might want to bring as you go out. Also, you can easily and quickly arrange them in this kind of holder.


  • Simple but stylish
  • Great durability and functionality
  • Convenient to use


  • Might not be ideal for cash and folded notes

11. KC’s Leather Wallet


  • Made from 100% cowhide
  • Plenty of room for several cards 
  • Different color options to choose from

Being made from cowhide, this is not just a high quality product but reassures superb craftsmanship, durability, functionality and style. It fits in the pocket offering plenty of room for numbers of cards, license and more.

You can perfectly utilize the slots for credit cards and these cards are easily accessible once needed. You don’t need to worry about falling out of the cards, indeed a convenient option for men.


  • Outstanding craftsmanship
  • Durable, functional and stylish
  • More rooms for cards


  • Problem on stitches over several use

12. Salvatore Ferragamo Blue Saffiano Leather Card Case Wallet


  • Made from Saffiano Leather
  • Contains six pockets
  • Gold trim

Measuring 4 x 3.5 inches, you would surely love this wallet made of Saffiano leather. It boasts six pockets reassuring you that you can put in your business cards, credit cards and more. Plus, it comes in a zipper to ensure that nothing will fall out even you put cash inside. The construction is great and the style is quite good too.


  • Simple but appealing design
  • More rooms for cards and cash too
  • Comes with a zipper
  • Great construction


  • Could be quite expensive

13. Fendi Black Card Holder


  • Made of 100% leather
  • High quality card holder
  • Durability and style guaranteed

Made from 100% leather, this card holder definitely meets the standards of those who want to go minimalist. It features more rooms for credit cards or other cards, and you are guaranteed that it would last for a longer period as well.

With its quality, this card holder is known to be durable offering you both simplicity and functionality. For minimalists, this card serves well and you’ll no longer have to worry about conveniently accessing your cards once on the go outside.


  • Simple and functional
  • Many slots for cards
  • Durable and long lasting


  • Could be prone to scratches

14. Ettinger Sterling Leather Card Case


  • 100% genuine leather
  • Calf leather exterior
  • Soft drummed cowhide interior
  • Handmade from England

This is referred to as a highly versatile card case by a brand known for luxury leather goods representing the best of British style. It offers elegance with a touch of eccentricity, but functional.

It is a product handmade in England by skilled craftsmen made from the finest quality of fine leather. This leather card could be used either as your mini-wallet or a business card case. Its case exterior is made of smooth calf leather and the interior is made from the soft-drummed cowhide.


  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Elegant style
  • Available in four colors


  • Expensive

15. Gucci XL Embossed Card Case Wallet


  • Made of embossed leather
  • Main internal compartment
  • Six credit card slots and bill slots

You will be guaranteed that this one could get along with you instead of bringing a big wallet. It has six credit card or bill slots that you’ll surely love because getting or pulling them out seems very easy.

Bills or receipts might also be folded inside this wallet and this reassures that it wouldn’t look bulky at all. Cash might work too. You just don’t need to put almost everything inside. This Gucci wallet is also lightweight and its design or looks is indeed simple yet amazing.


  • Beautiful design
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Convenient to use


  • Some might find it expensive
  • Others might not want the front design

16. Prada Black Card Holder


  • Made of 100% leather 
  • Slots for cards and bills
  • Neutral black color

Known to be one of the leading brands, Prada never fails to provide the best products too. This minimalist wallet is made of 100% leather so you also rest assured that it could last longer.

With more slots for bills, credit cards and more, you don’t seem to be bringing almost everything. It will not look bulky and the cards wouldn’t fall out from the slots too. The quality of the product is guaranteed to resist scratches due to using it almost every day.


  • Superb craftsmanship
  • 100% leather for excellent quality
  • Long lasting
  • Ideal for use every day


  • A bit too pricey

17. Saint Laurent Black Card Holder


  • Made of 100% leather 
  • More rooms to put in cards
  • Black color.

For a quite elegant option, this one seems to be the right pick. It doesn’t only boast stylish design but it could also guarantee quality and functionality.

This Saint Laurant minimalist wallet, with more rooms to put in your cards or cash, will not give up easily. It wouldn’t break easily and wouldn’t look big as well. It would last longer than you expected. And in terms of functionality, this slim wallet does its job well – storing cards securely and conveniently.


  • Elegant style
  • High quality wallet
  • Long lasting and durable


  • A bit slippery so it might fall off

18. Valentino Black Card Holder


  • Made from 100% leather
  • Card holder or card slots for various credit cards
  • Black color.

You might also want a very simple wallet that would still do the job right. If so, this is the right option to consider. This Valentino slim wallet is of high quality – made of durable materials and guaranteed craftsmanship.

Along with that, it functions well as a card holder which is capable of storing three or more credit cards plus bills or cash if you want. So, you wouldn’t get disappointed if you prefer this one.


  • Simple yet elegant style
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Made of durable materials
  • Functions well


  • Expensive for a minimalist wallet

19. Louis Vuitton Zipped Card Holder


  • Supple grained cowhide-leather lining
  • Gold-color hardware
  • Two card slots with large capacity
  • Zipped pocket with gusset

This minimalist wallet is made from embossed cowhide leather and it boasts a smart design which offers it the capacity of a small zipped pouch. The said card holder also features two large slots for credit cards wherein each is able to contain several cards along with a zipped pocket having a gusset construction.


  • Designed by one the world’s leading luxury brands
  • Superb capacity
  • Large slots intended for credit cards


  • Quite expensive

20. John Allen Woodward Black Matte Alligator Leather Card Holder


  • Genuine alligator leather
  • With middle pouch
  • 100% guarantee
  • Handmade and signed by John Allen Woodland

This wallet offers two card pockets on each side plus a pouch in the middle. It is a slim minimalist wallet that fits comfortably in the front pocket. And also, this one is signed by a designer and craftsman named John Allen. 100% guarantee is also offered by this minimalist wallet.


  • Slim and stylish
  • Additional pouch in the middle
  • 100% guarantee


  • Quite expensive

Final Thoughts!

The above-mentioned wallets are the best minimalist wallets for men which are minimal, clean and simple backed up with assured durability. You can appreciate these options in terms of aesthetics and they would fit your needs too.

Indeed, these wallets are made with everyday carry in mind. So, better not worry about which one is the best, as all of them are the perfect pick!
Forget those big, bulky wallets used before and shift to using one of these minimalist wallets listed here. You’ll definitely experience the difference!

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