10 Best Fedora Hats for Men in 2023

best fedora hats

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There’s a running joke about fedoras being too “outlandish” nowadays and that they only look good in 75-year-olds, besides a bunch of other baloney. Utter nonsense. Men who say this either throw in the towel early or simply don’t take the time to learn how to wear them.

This stems from the fact that much like any kind of hat you choose to wear, wearing a fedora requires skill, poise, and masculine calm and dignity. You can’t expect anything less from a hat whose de rigueur days included the time of opulence that was the Roaring Twenties, lasting up to the 1950s when it became ubiquitous in many noir films. Of course, it’s one of the most defining apparel of Indiana Jones, too.

That said, you can certainly give yourself a pat on the back if you can pull off a fedora in these modern times. Worn perfectly, not only does it improve your look but it can give it that much-needed distinctive and distinguishing aspect – much like the beloved alpha archeologist mentioned above.

Once you decide to tout this timeless headwear, do take the time to learn how to wear it first and know the best fedora hats available today as well.

A fedora is a soft-brimmed felt hat readily distinguished by its dents and pinches on its crown, as well as the way its brim is either worn flat or curled. You often see them adorned with hatbands to accentuate the style and complement their primary colors. White, brown, and black colors abound, but there’s no limit to variety in today’s modern incarnations – which have since cast aside the hat style restrictions during the time when fedoras were “in”.

The way the crown is dented and pinched forms part of how fedoras are styled. Teardrop and center crown dents are the two most popular styles. Manufacturers often press their crowns about an inch or two by default, and these often suffice for most wearers.

Regardless of these nuances, fedoras lean more towards formal wear before anything else since they generally look good when worn with suits and jackets. Make no mistake, you can also wear them casually, too, so don’t immediately cross them out of your everyday attire and wardrobe.

Lastly, did you know that fedora actually means “gift from God” in Greek? Once, you master the fedora-wearing skills, you’ll definitely agree.

What to Look For in a Fedora Hat?


Many people love felt hats, especially those made of 100% natural materials – and fedoras are no different. For instance, experts generally recommend fur and wool simply because they provide better warmth, durable, and age better than most materials. Although wool felt fedoras often come cheaper than fur, which is regarded as the best material for most fedoras and other hats in general.

Crown and brim

The dents of the crown can be up to you, just make sure the hats are pinched in such a way that it will look well with the shape of your face. If you have more of a rounded heart-shaped face, you may want to forego fedoras with a center crown dent and opt for pinched fronts instead. Take note that a lot of fedoras are crushable (thanks to their mostly felt material), meaning they get to retain their original shape.

The same applies to the brim. These two factors, after all, determine the overall shape of the hat, which in turn should always be congruent to your face. You want to be looking at the width of the brim to determine its formality (most broad-brimmed fedoras are designed for casual use). Those with a short brim are usually the opposite. However, this is not an absolute rule in plenty of cases.

You also need to pay attention to how much it can be angled up or down for styling purposes.


Fedora hat frills often only include hatbands, but there are certainly those that incorporate more daring and flamboyant decorations ranging from feathers, flowers and intricate stitches to exotic tribal hats that easily stand apart with their unique embroideries (though these are often designed to be worn by women and cowgirls).

The key, of course, is to not go overboard with these decorations and find the hat that can fit the occasion and your attire.

How to Wear a Fedora Hat

Successfully pulling off a fedora certainly gives you bragging rights, especially if you get to wear without getting side-eyed in a casual drape. Most fedoras, after all, thrive best formal environments simply because they complement the classic suit-and-tie look naturally. The hat serves as the cherry on top in most of these settings.

That said, it won’t do the fedora hat justice to state that you should only limit yourself to formal wear once you choose to don it. Just keep these tips in mind when you’re in a squeeze.

Formal or Classic Style

The safest route to take in wearing a fedora for formal settings is to pair them with jackets. Blazers, suit jackets, and overcoats bring out the classy, customary effect of fedoras, after all. They fit them to a tee, unlike most casual wear. And you can wear them just like you would any type of hat.

You just have to be mindful of suits that rely a lot on pinstripes to get their statement across. Trust us, pinstriped suits and fedoras just do not mix.

Casual Style

Almost every time you choose to wear a fedora casually, a lot of people will tend to think that you want to stand apart or are trying to be a trend-setter. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It only means you are making the most out of your freedom to express your individuality, which is the essence of the hat style in the first place.

You do have to be careful with the fedora you choose. The safest bet is a wide-brimmed one and made of wool. This type of fedora can oscillate between casual and stylish easily so you can’t really go wrong with it. You can choose any color you want, as long as it still fits with the colors of your entire attire.

The most stylish way to wear it is to place it on the crown of your head, paying attention not to cover the front section of your hair. This considered, you definitely have to be aware of your hairstyle as well. Style it in a pompadour swept to the side or give it a spiky look then make sure the fedora accentuates it once you perch in on your head. The result is always that heady mix of casual and stylish that won’t fail you as long as you already have a good set of duds going.

You can also opt for the more conventional route of wearing it as you’ll do in a formal setting. Allow up an inch of distance between your eyebrows and the hat. Feel free to tilt the front brim downwards (never upwards!)

Lastly, wearing fedoras with jeans may seem like trekking dangerous territory to most people but with the right denim colors. Just start leaning more towards dressier outfits to pair with your jeans so as not to make the fedora out of place. If you can wear a jacket with your jeans, that’s definitely a solid move.

Best Fedora Hats Brands

The fedora hats brands that lead the pack in terms of patronage and prestige are Bailey, Goorin, New Era, Borsalino, Stetson, and Lock and Co. Hatters. Bailey fedora hats are replete with tradition, showcasing the best of what the classics have to offer – they fit the high-end, big-ticket labels as far as fedoras go.

A lot of experts can say the same to Lock and Co. Hatters and the others we mentioned. If you want assured quality in terms of materials and design, they’re all safe options. There are, of course, other notable brands, which we are more than willing to showcase in this review of the standout fedora hats for men.

Comparison Table






Material: 100% fur felt

100% fur felt

Brim: 2 3/8”

2 3/8”


Material: 100% wool

100% wool

Brim: 2 5/8”

2 5/8”


Material: 100% fur felt

100% fur felt

Brim: 2 1/2”

2 1/2”


Material: 100% fur felt

100% fur felt

Brim: 2 1/8”

2 1/8”


Material: 100% fur felt

100% fur felt

Brim: 2 1/2”

2 1/2”


Material: 100% fur felt

100% fur felt

Brim: 2 1/2”

2 1/2”


Material: Handwoven Shantung fabric

Handwoven Shantung fabric

Brim: 1 1/2”

1 1/2”


Material: Handwoven straw

Handwoven straw

Brim: 3”



Material: 50% beaver fur + 50% animal hair 

50% beaver fur + 50% animal hair

Brim: 2 6/8”

2 6/8”


Material: 100% Beaver fur

100% Beaver fur

Brim: 2 1/2”

2 1/2”

The 10 Best Fedora Hats For Men in 2023

1. Stetson Stets PM Chatham Royal Deluxefur Felt Hat


  • Made of 100% fur felt
  • Teardrop crown
  • 2 ⅜” raw-edge brim
  • Satin and leather sweatband
  • Available in Mink, Caribou, Black, Tawny, Sage, and Graphite colors

Stetson has a history of designing practical cowboy and cavalry hats, but they’re certainly no grunts when it comes to fedoras. Perhaps, it’s actually thanks to this very reputation that they can make the best fedora hats for men. Because the utter “maleness” of their design practically announces itself in this fedora hat.

The adequately broad raw-edge brim gives it that ready impression, besides the tough-as-nails (both in style and material) look of the teardrop crown. The band variations with every color available have great compatibility and this applies to the choices of feather designs in each one, too. The best word to describe the design is solid – nothing else will suffice. Just a paradigm of what most fedoras for men should aim for.



2. Bailey of Hollywood Classic Fedora Hat


  • Made of 100% wool
  • Created with unique hat-making process to help retain shape
  • Water repellent
  • Pinched center dent
  • Available in Black, Graphite, Marietta Teal, Red, and Cobalt hues

A fedora hat that pulls the Hollywood trump card instantly commands attention – and gets it. Well-known celebrities that flourished in the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema like Fred Astaire and Humphrey Bogar, paragons of masculinity themselves, practically wore fedoras like uniforms in their movies.

This Bailey creation shows just why the brand often heads the list of the best fedora makers. Designed snap-brim style, so you won’t have to turn the brim downwards yourself, the hat is the definition of slick and sophisticated. Look at how the wide brim can be tilted, the possibilities for styling are limitless. The aptly regal-looking crown is something you can only expect from one of the premium creators of fedora hats.

But, man, this hat was certainly made to grace Bogart’s impeccable head. Buying it to complete your look could, indeed, be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.



3. Akubra Stylemaster Hat


  • Made of genuine Imperial Quality fur felt
  • 2 ½ inches brim with a ribbon grosgrain hatband
  • Pinched telescope crown
  • Comes in Black, Carbon Grey and Acorn Fawn colors

Any hat that dares to name itself “Stylemaster” should immediately show its worth its weight in gold. What’s good is that it manages to do just that once you lay your eyes on it. It achieves any fedora hat aims for by promptly giving your look a touch of style once you put it on.

The telescope crown comes pre-pinched, much like other fedora hats but you can immediately tell that the creators know how to exercise control in their denting. That said, the darker carbon grey and black options do make for excellent evening headwear, even in formal events.

Fur felt fedoras are fairly common and this hat obviously makes generous use of it. For the quality and durability inherent in superior felt, this hat certainly pulls through in terms of value for money.



4. Biltmore Chicago Fur Felt Fedora Hat


  • Made of genuine fur felt
  • Center crease shape
  • Ribbed grosgrain ribbon band
  • Genuine leather sweatband
  • 2 ⅛” brim
  • Comes in Coffee and Black colors

What struck us is the broad, almost yawning center dent, which the product description terms as “center crease eleganza”. Apparently, Biltmore thinks adding Italian words will readily impart a sense of style to their creations. To be fair, though, this fedora surely manages to pull it off. And it’s all thanks to that crease and the way it influences that shape of this fedora.

Sure, it’s not permanent and you can crease the crown however you like. But it certainly does give you a preview of the other ways you can shape and style its crown The scarlet plumage of the black one fits better, and gives the hat more sophistication; the city coffee color is also a head-turner, though, with its perfect mix of brown hues that stir up feeling of casual warmth.

It’s a little on the costly side but for the way it is shaped and overall design, you will be getting your money’s worth with this hat.



5. Stetson Stratoliner Royal Quality Fur Felt Hat


  • Made of 100% fur felt
  • 2 ½” brim
  • Custom Stratoliner plane hat pin
  • Satin lined leather sweatband
  • Available in Black, Walnut, Caribou, Silver Belly, Sage, and Cordova Brown colors

Are you really surprised that another Stetson creation made it to this list of best fedora hats for men? We can’t express enough the sheer fineness of this hat. It looks stiff and sturdy (like any red-blooded man should be) but is soft in just the right places. Its mix of rugged and stylish (to the point of being rakish that will make Johnny Depp instantly proud) is why a lot of men can’t get enough of fedoras.

The darker color options strike us as better overall because they make the beautiful custom hat pins sealing the hat’s band (and general style) clearly visible. You also get what you pay for because most Stetson headgears rarely disappoint in the quality of their felt hats.



6. Olney Brompton Pure Fur Felt Fedora Hat


  • Made of 100% fur felt
  • Grosgrain hatband
  • White satin lining with leather
  • Deep black and navy color

Fur felt fedora hats made in the UK and by a serious hat maker almost always brims with simplicity coupled an inimitable gentlemanly vibe. This hat gives off the same aura but its pure deep-black color is striking, to say the least. It discards all unneeded garnish and other fripperies to deliver a uniform style – the result is a oneness in design excellence and versatility in pairing options.

The internal headband is made of leather, though, which definitely adds more soft elegance when worn. Enligh comfort and ease in style work well together in this hat, and you can’t help but immediately see this dynamic in the hat’s whole minimalistic design.



7. Biltmore Guelph Fedora Hat


  • Made of fully handwoven Shantung fabric
  • Ivory color
  • 1 ½” brim
  • Navy and Bordeaux band with pheasant feathers

This hat has an easy sophistication and artistry about it – and that’s certainly saying a lot when it comes to the topic of fedoras. Once you get to know the history behind this hat, though, you’ll soon learn just why this seemingly harmless headwear slays in the style and prestige department.

The choice of ivory as the main color and the inclusion of the colorful pheasant feather give the hat a jaunty appearance that knows how to hold back to say calmly and cooly that, yes, you are still wearing one of the most stylish hats for men in modern times.

If you’re feeling some Ontario pride or simply can’t resist this hat’s combo of ivory-white hue and stellar hatband stitching, this is the hat for you. Nevermind the equally sublime Biltmore pin that keeps everything in place.



8. Borsalino Wide Brim Panama Fedora


  • Handwoven straw fedora
  • Pinched center dent
  • Wide black grosgrain ribbon bearing Borsalino logo
  • Smooth black satin sweatband

Borsalino remains as one of the finest makers of fedora hats, having been started and built by this single type of hat. Would it be a surprise, then, that they can make splendid Panama hats just as well (if not better)?

Borsalino realizes the innate appeal of the natural color of straw so it simply chose to complement it with a good dark brown ribbon hatband that hugs a third of the crown.

The dents (particularly the center one) are just right – you know it’s been done by an expert. Don’t let the largely straw exterior fool you because the satin inside this Panama hat is probably what made the price balloon a bit, giving you all the comfort you need. A classic, at best, that won’t look out of place in the usual summer stroll or beach siesta.



9. Mayser Carlos Beaver Fur Felt Hat


  • Half beaver fur and half animal hair material
  • Pinched center dent
  • Dual-tone grosgrain ribbon hatband
  • Navy color

A purely formal fedora hat that emanates a quiet resplendence, it could very well be a crown that you should only consider wearing on special occasions. It radiates an easy elegance, marked by the bronze and dark silver hues of the ribbon and its gentleman bow.

The inconspicuous red and gold Mayser pin immediately begs closer inspection, for which you will be merited with knowledge of the brand’s longevity.

It isn’t a surprise this fedora hat has that old-time charm, which almost any formal occasion can’t get enough of. For the design and topnotch materials used, this hat is worth the high price tag. It’s difficult to beat in the formal fedora category, that much is certain.



10. Borsalino Beaver Fur Felt Hat


  • Made of 100% beaver fur
  • 4 ½” center dent crown
  • Leather sweatband
  • Charcoal (gray or black) color
  • Black grosgrain hatband

Plenty of fedora hat enthusiasts opt for beaver fur materials because of the generally softer and more comfortable feel of it. This hat completely nails that aspect. But by no means is it all practicality.

As you can expect from the Italian masters, style should come naturally and be free as much as possible. And it certainly shows in the devilishly delightful way this hat’s front brim dents. That’s really where all the magic happens in fedoras and it’s not hard to see that in this hat.

Yes, it’s a tad expensive (but, heck, it’s made of pure beaver felt – which roughly translates to gold in hat-making circles). Nonetheless, if you want to be pampered and look like royalty at the same time, this hat gives it to you smoothly.



Frequently Asked Questions

To the untrained eye, a fedora hat and Panama hat may seem similar. The shape seems alike, and both have tapered crowns and brims appear to be identical in size variations, too. Well, if you look closely, most fedoras do stand apart with their pinched sides.

Besides that, the other main difference lies in the material used for either one. Your everyday wool felt fedora imparts more warmth than a Panama hat, which is often made of straw and palm, to make it more suitable for the hotter tropical climate of the region where it originated.

That said, feel free to switch between these two based on the weather. A hat is only half as good if it’s all style but no comfort, after all.

Final Thoughts!

Being able to pull your own weight (or should we say style?) when it comes to wearing a fedora is a laudable feat. All the more so if you can do this consistently and with different twists to your attire every now and then.

Always remember that it’s not so much the fedora you buy as how you wear it that matters the most. Be vigilant in your picks, considering you can’t really exercise that much freedom to make a fedora work with your attire. Once you have purchased one yourself, we assume that you already have a solid grasp of the fedora-wearing guidelines we also shared here.

After all, even if these are the best fedora hats for men, they still won’t be able to carry your style if you’re wearing them improperly. They might even end up pulling it down. Yet this trick only works to the uninformed. Fortunately, you already realize the power of knowledge; you wouldn’t be reading this otherwise.

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