Breaking Barriers
On paper, I guess you could define us as an athleisure company.
Or a cool fashion brand that’s ushering in the future of luxury comfort.
We'd be ok with that IF we were just a normal bunch of folks...but we are not.
And neither is our brand or the people that wear our clothes and embrace our mantra.
And what we stand for.
We don’t mean to sound pretentious at all.
Because we’re not.
We are confident.
Nesh NYC was inspired by the Hindu deity Ganesha – who is the remover of all obstacles.
We are inspired to remove all obstacles and push past the impossible.
We have to possess an inherent drive that just doesn’t quit.
No matter what, we break barriers, even when it seems like there’s no victory in sight.
We understand that to be your best is not an easy choice.
But there is no other choice that is acceptable.
We use only the finest materials and craftsmanship to ensure high quality, comfort and style.
We are made in the USA because we believe in creating opportunities at home.
We are made for what we are made from.

Nesh NYC. Stylishly living your active life.